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Nr: 3434
Namn: James
E-post: [email protected]

Datum: 29-03-2020

Incredible service!
With the fast track dispatch service, I ordered after 5PM on a Monday and it arrived before Midday on the Friday!
Really professional build and everything runs perfectly, will definitely use again.
Nr: 3433
Namn: George Masters
E-post: anon[email protected]

Datum: 26-03-2020

Just had my custom spec'd PC arrive this morning. Was all packaged lovely and built in supreme condition. I only discovered PC specialist 2 weeks ago and everytime I have phoned up for enquiries they have been extremely kind and helpful. I have no reason to ever go anywhere else in the tech world. Thank you all! :)
Nr: 3432
Namn: Dale
E-post: [email protected]

Datum: 20-03-2020

Has some slight issues with windows 10 on my new pc. Spoke to a amazing guy called Rhys he helped me through every step of the way. Didn’t rush at all got everything done I needed and more. Amazing support. Thanks
Nr: 3431
Namn: Nick Baker
E-post: [email protected]

Datum: 20-03-2020

A few days ago I decided to upgrade my PC to a custom which will last me a few years, from day 1, asking questions about what I would need and what would suit me best to the aftercare I have been genuinely amazed at the customer service. Day 2 of my PC I had a slight issue where I needed help, I spoke to a very helpful person named Stephen, he was very patient with me for over half an hour trying to get this sorted. I can honestly recommend this company to anyone looking to buy a next day PC or custom build one. Thanks guys!
Nr: 3430
Namn: Deyan Lukic
E-post: [email protected]

Datum: 14-03-2020

I wanted a PC for music production with a DAW and so was looking for powerful specs at a reasonable price. I looked at various shops online and then came across PC Specialist. I liked the flexibility of being able to choose your own specs to suit your own needs, the website layout when building your own PC was clear and easy to follow and the prices were very reasonable. In comparison to other websites which offer custom built PCs, the layout of PC Specialist's website was simpler, easier to follow and the prices were more reasonable for the same specs. They also seemed to have a greater range of products/specs to choose from in comparison to other shops.

After completing the purchase, I was impressed with the regular updates I received about how the build of the PC was progressing. I chose the fast build / delivery option, and my product was received within the expected time. Since receiving the PC I've had a few questions about the product and have spoken to PC Specialist staff over the phone and communicated over email, and have found them to be helpful and professional in their service.
To sum up, I am very impressed with the range of products on offer, the prices, the ease of using the website, the communication received after purchase and before delivery and the support received after delivery. I would highly recommend PC Specialist.
Nr: 3429
Namn: Steven Murray
E-post: [email protected]

Datum: 07-03-2020

Having just finished a I'd like to leave some positive customer feedback for the Customer Service team at PCSpecialist and an operative in particular; Chris. While I was frustrated with my own issues in attempting to get a display for the new build I recently purchased he had exceptional patience and understanding; I've honestly never had better service.

I would most definitely shop here again.
Nr: 3428
Namn: Melissa Hadrick
E-post: [email protected]

Datum: 29-02-2020

My husband and i ordered 2 high end rigs for our home office/gaming room and we were told that it would take up to 5 working days after we selected the express service. the order was with us on the fourth day and everything was set up and working perfectly, the speed and accuracy at which the worked was nothing short of impeccable, the entire process from creating the build to setting up was made so much easier by PC specialist and their incredible professional standards.
Nr: 3427
Namn: Deividas Jaskinas
E-post: [email protected]

Datum: 28-02-2020

I've used their service to build my own gaming desktop PC, used the service to build my wife's laptop too and couple of my friends have also used PCSpecialists to build their gaming gear too. None of us had any problems with any of the steps along the process. No delays and no issues with any of the devices. Will defenetly come back again in the future. Thanks a lot guys!
Nr: 3426
Namn: Alan Abel
E-post: [email protected]

Datum: 27-02-2020

I`ve always built my own systems ( over 40 years ) but decided to let the professionals do this one , advancing years - failing eyesight etc . Arrived today and up and running with no problems . Not a finger print to be found . 100% happy with system . Only suggestion is be more realistic with delivery dates .
Once into building phase customer service was brilliant , never giving problems only possible solutions
Nr: 3425
Namn: Phil
E-post: [email protected]

Datum: 26-02-2020

This is my third PC since 2010 with PCSpecialist and they've been amazing every time.

Quick build and delivery time, easy setup and no problems whatsoever.

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